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Fiona         Cameron            

Fiona Cameron is a journalist who has worked for the BBC and Norwegian seafood trade publication IntraFish, as well as running a PR/media relations consultancy for the past 10 years.

She has had six short stories published in New Fiction  collections , and her first novel (writing as Nancy McKnight) is due tone published in late summer 2013. She lives in Galloway, with her husband, two Afghan hounds, two Birman cats & a Norwegian Forest Cat.

gerry cameron
Gerry Cameron

I started writing novels when I was twelve, but I only recently took up finishing them. I'm particularly fond of my twelve year-old self's right-on angst-ridden inter-racial romance-mystery novel, set in a lawyers office in New York. Maybe L.A., possibly Chicago. Somewhere American. The hero was a brilliant black man, (to be played by Sydney Poitier in the film, only with loon pants and afro of Mark out of Ironside). He rejects our blonde heroine lawyer's advances but she tells him, as she lays her pale hand on his chocolate one, "It's only you who sees the skin colour, Joshua, I just see the man inside!" And all written from my wee Glaswegian bedroom. Ye cannae beat it. 

I worked as a teacher and lived in the North, then the Hebridees for another long stint before moving here. I've co-written a comic mystery with my niece. She lives in Italy, so this would have been impossible before the glories of Skype. I've also written my own first novel - a mystery featuring a Glasgow witch. Both novels are conceived of as a series. I'm the newest member of our inspirational group.
Gerry is one half of Jemima Wallace whose novel "The Case of the Curious Kilt" was longlisted for the Mslexia Novel Award 2012.

Jemima's bottom (and better) half is supplied by her niece Germaine Stafford. She was also shortlisted for the Bridgeport Prize for Flash Fiction 2012.

Sarah Austin
Sarah Austin

I have always enjoyed writing and dabbled with various bits and bobs over the years. I regularly write instructions for chain maille jewellery projects for national magazines and monthly for our website Beadsisters' Library.

It was a trip to Peak Castle in Derbyshire in the late 1990s, which set me onto writing historical romances (unpublished). 'Write what you know’ advice led me to Nottingham University where I studied medieval history as a part-time adult learner. Each module was like a piece of a jigsaw building up a fascinating world that has countless backdrops for stories. Writing a novel is a long-term commitment but one I love as you build your characters and set them loose – you might know the end place for their journey but how they get there often comes as a surprise.

Starting a business has meant a few years away from writing fiction, although the stories in my head didn’t stop. We moved to this beautiful part of the world in 2010 and, now the business is established, I have turned my attention to writing again. My library of medieval books is unpacked, I have a study with a view and time to write …


                      Waterman-Roberts  Tina

I worked for many years as a social science lecturer and trainer in higher education and the voluntary sector in the South of England. During this time I wrote and published technical articles and papers, but hankered after the freedom of expression that more imaginative writing would allow. Following several years of holidaying in Scotland, retirement gave me the opportunity to settle here in the South West which is a wonderful area for encouraging self-expression.

I have surprised myself in learning to paint, taking up country dancing, setting up a beginners French group and, with the support of the Booktown Writers, I have cautiously taken up creative writing.

jayne baldwin
Jayne Baldwin
I was born in Yorkshire but have lived almost half of my life in Scotland. Like many writers I began inventing stories as a child and I went on to become a journalist when, despite popular belief about the profession, I changed to reporting facts.

I retrained as a yoga teacher but in 2008 I came across the story of aviator Elsie Mackay and returned to writing with the publication of ‘West Over The Waves’ a book about her attempt to fly the Atlantic. In 2011 my first children’s book ‘The Belties of Curleywee Farm’ was published  and I now work as a freelance writer, editor and publicist. I am a member of the Society of Authors.

anni telford
Anni Telford
A Glasgow girl I applied to study English at Glasgow University but when asked why I wanted to do this I gave the wrong answer, I said I wanted to write. That was back in the sixties and I’m sure they’re more reasonable now; after all they even run courses in creative writing. Leaving Scotland in disgust I studied fashion design for a bit before becoming a psychiatric nurse. This led me onto becoming a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, try saying that when you’ve had a few nippy sweeties, and I can honestly say now thank you Glasgow Uni., I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. The experience of working with people who have such terrible difficulties was not only humbling it taught me so much about the fortitude of the human animal.

My career led me to meet my life partner Andy and took me to Wiltshire, Devon, Birmingham, Sheffield and Derby. All the time I was doing psychotherapy, teaching psychotherapy, writing about psychotherapy or commissioning psychotherapy I was also writing what I wanted, a poem here, a short story there, a series of satirical articles for a magazine. I was also doing dog agility with my border collies, the other love of my life, and this again took me all over the country. It also gave me great insights into dog folks, the Kennel Club and the type of people who inhabit that rarefied atmosphere. Perhaps all I was really doing with my life was collecting bits for future characters; let’s hope it’s made mine more realistic.

I’ve got more letters after my name than are in my name but the most satisfying ones are BSc (Hons) Open, when I actually got to study creative writing and literature with the Open University. This helped hone my skills and I got my first poetry and short stories published because of it. Andy and I retired to Wigtownshire in December 2009 and we’re both now so busy we don’t know how we found the time to work. Apart from walking on the hills and beaches, taking pictures for Geograph (Andy), gardening, knitting (me), cooking, going to concerts and the theatre, we’ve both joined the SNP, I’m a lifelong Nationalist and we’re looking forward to 2014.

My Write Stuff, Write On Blog
and Facebook Page - Anni Telford

gerrie douglas-scott
Gerrie Douglas-Scott
Gerrie Douglas-Scott is co-owner of ReadingLasses Bookshop and Café in Wigtown, Scotland’s national book town. Gerrie believes in the power of the story and its ability to heal and inspire. Her own story begins “In my life so far I have been a nun, a wife, a mother and now a wee dyke…” Formerly a writer of dry epidemiological texts, she now concentrates on writing and conducting wedding and funeral scripts. celebrating life and love. The Book Town Writer’s group is hosted by ReadingLasses which makes her feel proud and happy to see how good cake, coffee and conversation can inspire such incredible creativity. Gerrie is partner to Susan and mother of 3 amazing young women and step mother to another 2. How many stories can one person live?

Humanist Weddings in South and West Scotland

Maureen Kerr
Maureen Kerr

St Kilda

I emerged from Glasgow School of Art in the late sixties with a diploma in Graphics; became a visual and layout artist for a major advertising firm in Glasgow, but left this after a year to pursue other avenues. In the last forty odd years I have been a bit of a gypsy and wandered far, living and working all over the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. From Glasgow to Loch Duich in Wester Ross,  Durness and Cape Wrath, Rosehall in the middle of Sutherland, Argyll and then from there to the Uists on the Western Isles and St.Kilda where I have spent the last ten years working as a chef for the military, not exactly my metier in life….but it was instrumental in getting me where I needed to be…..there.

It was in this unique archipelago of islands and stacs that I started to paint again and write with purpose. I’ve had two successful one man exhibitions of my landscape paintings and on the writing front, I’ve had numerous articles published and a few short stories. My first book came out in November 2013. ‘ George Murray - A school teacher for St.Kilda 1886 – 87’  Publisher; the Islands Book Trust.  This biography has taken me seven years to write owing to the vast amount of research involved.

I have another book finished and almost ready to sell and have just started another biography of a Victorian walled garden.

I’ve had no formal training as a writer, but I am looking carefully now at how I write and how I can improve as a writer.

I cannot imagine a world without books and art. I crave this visual and mental stimulus.

I love the look of words, the feel of them on the tongue, the sound of them…..yeh probably obsessive….. I have to write.

Maureen's book is available to order from all booksellers, Amazon and is available direct from the publisher - The Islands Book Trust at £10.00

Kriss Nichol

I was born in the North-East of England where I worked as a teacher and gained an MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University in 2002. I moved to SW Scotland in 2003 and retired in 2010.

Prior to 2000 the bulk of the work I had published was academic educational stuff but after that date I embarked on an MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University and started taking my poetry and prose seriously. Since then my poems have been published in anthologies and small press magazines like Lookout, First Time, Southlight, New Voices, Fankle and Poetry Scotland, to name a few and I self-published a poetry pamphlet, The Language of Crows, in 2011 to bring the published poems together in a collection with a few new ones. A second pamphlet is being compiled.

My short stories have been short listed by BBC Radio 4, highly commended in various competitions; one is published along with one of my poems in the Federation of Writers (Scotland) anthology due out in March 2014 and one won an award from the Scottish Centre for Writing. My first novel, In Desolate Corners, Shadows Crouch, is currently available from Amazon and a second, Monsoons and Marigolds, is completed, awaiting placement. A third, a crime novel, is under construction. I have also written a short script that was professionally read in 2009 at The Swallow Theatre in Glasserton under the direction of Kate Nelson.

A new departure for me has been to write poems to accompany black and white fine art images created by photographer Elliot Nichol, my son. Two such collaborations are published in the spring edition of Southlight magazine and we have completed a book to accompany Elliot's fine art exhibition of Between Lands which opened in Malta, April 2013.


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